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Monday, January 22, 2018
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Dharmasoka College Past Pupils’ Association

Colombo Branch


New Vision and Plan of Activities



  The new Executive Committee of DCPPA-Colombo headed by the president Mr. Susiri de Silva decided to  look in to the activities of the Association in a  fresh approach in line  of its major objectives.


1.      To assist in improving the scope, content, range and quality of activities  both Academic and Non Academic carried on  by Dharmasoka College, Ambalangoda in the interest of the present and future students of the college.

2.      To Promote the advancement and welfare of the present and past student of the College.

3.      To Promote, establish and regulate any activity, institution, fund or Trust in co-operation with the Principal, the staff and the Parent Association of Past pupils of the College, in furtherance of the objects mentioned herein before.

4.      To Foster fellowship among members


At the executive committee meeting held on 25th April 2014 at the CNAPT  the president Mr. Susiri de Silva made a presentation to  the audience which included the committee members and some invited distinguished  past students of the college.


At this meeting, several sub-committees were appointed  in relation to the above objectives.


Sub-Committees  Related to  Improving Academic and non-academic activities  and Infrastructure  Development  of the Dharmasoka College


1.     Sub-Committee on Educational Excellence


Committee members:


·         Prof. A.D.V. de S.  Indraratne     (Chairman)

·         Prof. Narada Warnasuriya

·         Prof. Upali Jayasekara

·         Prof.  M.P. de Silva

·         Prof. S. Kurukulasuriya

·         Mr. Charley Jayawardena

·         Dr. P. Warusawithana


2.     Sub-Committeee on Sports Excellence


Committee members:



·         Major General Sanath Karunaratne  (Chairman)

·         Mr. K.M. Nelson

·         Mr. Nelson Mendis

·         Mr. Gerry Chandrasena

·         Brig. Ranjith Vithana


3.     Sub-Committee on  Future Technology and MOOCs


Committee members:


·         Prof. Nihal Kodikara     (Chairman)

·         Mr. Susil Maduwage

·         Mr. Piyal de Silva

·         Mr. Wasantha Deshapriya

·         Dr. Kasun de  Zoysa

·         Prof. Lalith de Silva


4.     Sub-Committee on Proposed Physical Activities in Partnership with  DCPPA- Colombo  Trust


Committee members:


      Mr.  Lal Premanath  (Chairman)

      Mr. Krishan Sugathpala

      Mrs. Wasanthi de Silva

      Mr. Jinendralal de Silva

      Mr. Rohan de Silva

      Prof. Lalith de Silva




Sub-Committees Related to Strengthening and Promoting DCPPA-Colombo Branch


1.       Sub-Committee on Good Governance, Financial Management of the Association.


Committee Members :


·         Mr. A.G.L.C. Prerera    (Chairman)

·         Mr. Haris Guruge

·         Mr. S.W.Jayasuriya

·         Mr. Damitha Leelaratne

·         Mr. S.K.Chandrathilake

·         Mr. Palitha Widhanapathirana


2.      Sub-Committee on Designing a Promotional Campaign for Perceived Needs


Committee Members:


·         Mr.Lal Perera  (Chairman)

·         Mr. Amitha Gunasekara

·         Mr. Kumudu Kumara

·         Mr. Channa de Silva

·         Mr. Samantha Weeraratna

·         Mr. Mr. Gavesh Weerakkody

·         Mr. Micheal de Vass Gunawardena


3.      Sub-Committee on Membership Management System


Committee members:


·         Major Mahesh de Silva    (Chairman)

·         Air Commodore Thilan de Silva

·         Dr. Sandaruwan

·         Dr. Mithijee

·         Mr. Dilash Weerakkody

·         Dr. Ranjula

·         Mr. Ranjith Lamahewa


4.      Sub-Committee on Website Management


Committee members:


·         Prof. Nihal Kodikara  (Chairman)

·         Mr. Piyal de Silva

·         Mr. Jagath Chandralal de Silva

·         Mr. Ayesh Madhawa de Silva

·         Mr. Susil Maduwage


5.      Sub-Committee on Editorial and Media Publication


Committee members:


·         Mr. Jagath Chandralal   de Silva  (Chairman)

·         Mr. K.G.Kulasena

·         Mr. Sam Samarasinghe

·         Mr.  P. Hettihewa  

·         Mr. Indra Godahewa

·         Dr. Neela Gunasekara

·         Mr. S.M. Banduseela

·         Mr. Ginatotahewa Gunasiri



6.      Sub-Committee on Anniversary Celebration -30 years in 2015


Committee members:


·         Mr.  Jayantha Kodikara   (Chairman)

·         Mr. Piyal de Silva 

·         Mr. Bandu de Silva

·         Mr.  Gavesh Ginige

·         Mrs. Samaji Seneviratne

·         Mrs. Yawwani Perera

·         Mr. Palitha Widanapathirana



7.      Sub-Committee on Fund Raising and Cultural Activities


Committee members:



   Mr.  Chandralal Sooriarachchi   (Chairman) 

   Mr. Jagath Chandralal de Silva

   Mr. Harish Guruge

   Mr. Lal Premanath de Silva

   Mr. Jayantha Kodikara



The  members of the sub –committees which are related to the enhancement of the college activities (sub-committees 1-4) visited the college on 20th June 2014 and had discussions with the Principal and the staff to identify the areas which the DCPPA-Colombo can support.




The President and the Executive Committee expect the support of  all Past pupils of the College  for the above activities. The Past pupils can join the sub committees to strengthen them.







Ongoing Projects